Xanthorrhoea Place is a 278-acre property on Kangaroo Island, abundant with wildlife and native vegetation, through which the Eleanor River flows. The property is a mixture of remnant vegetation and areas that were selectively cleared appropximately three decades ago, leaving mallee and many yacca's - from which the property gets its name. This made Xanthorrhoea place perfect for native food production, while using enrichment planting in the previously cleared areas.

Working with the Kangaroo Island Natural Resource Management nursery we have identified a number of species endemic to the Island that have an existing or developing commercial food market. This includes three varieties of Acacia (wattleseed), Tetragonia implexicoma (native spinach), Myoporum insulare (common boobialla), Carpobrotus rossii (pigface), Enchylaena tomentosa (ruby saltbush), Kunzea pomifera (muntries) and Acrotriche depressa (native current).

Over 1000 plants (propogated by the NRM nursery using seed collected from the island) have been planted across the property to date, with plans to begin harvesting within the next 3-5 years.