I am a creator, entrepreneur and life adventurer. My career over the past two decades is varied and colorful - from working on multimillion-dollar infrastructure developments as the Whole of Life and Ecological Sustainable Development consultant to CEO of a community based not-for-profit in the Pilbara.

The turning point in my career came in 2013 as founder of the Karijini Experience (www.karijiniexperience.com). Working with a small group of talented and passionate people we were able to create an event that drives actual grass roots change. What began as a dinner to bring stakeholders together in discussion about the need for economic diversification, became a weeklong celebration of the cultural, social and environmental values of the Inland Pilbara.

However at the end of 2016, I stepped away from a life of being busy for busy's sake to live with more focused purpose. For us this means being connected with nature, debt free, and living as self sufficiently as possible whilst closely connected to our local community. That journey has been tougher than you might imagine and continues today - however I truly believe that the greatest opportunity to create change is within ourselves.

Now, my purpose is to help others find their connection to themselves, their family, to community and most importantly to the beautiful world around us through creative expression and experiences.

Sarah Kemp